Types of best selling images

BY: Energepic • 2021-06-20

What kind of photos are the best sellers?


This question asks almost everyone who wants or already sells photos into stock photos.

What to do to make my photos sold well?

At first point is important to be original and make pictures which not everyone has. What does it mean? Does anybody of your family have a surgery or anything similar where usual photographer can’t get? In that case you have an advantage but that’s not all.

Perfect picture must be taken from the perspective which is not ordinary. It should be taken in the way which can see just someone. 

Definitely should shine bright colours, because these photos are usually used into magazines and a brightly coloured image is certainly interesting.

If you have people on your photo to all this you have probably won. 

As I mentioned if you have people performing any activity on your photo you are winner, why? Because these kind of photos are the best sellers in our website and also in other similar pages. They make up to 30 – 40 %.

The best topics are Business, Sport a Healthy lifestyle.

Right behind this topic is well selling various vector illustrations. However, it can not generate everyone. And with the shooting itself about which we are talking here do not have much in common.

Another well selling topic on stock is something what we need at least twice a day, so who thought food was the absolute right. Pictures of food and drink are very attractive but beware these pictures must be perfectly arranged and must look good. Pictures kind of apple bitten off or brown banana will not pass.

If you are for example a food blogger and you play with the food everyday don’t be afraid to buy a camera.  And each time you work document it well and then sell further, you will definitely raise money.

What we must not forget in a world of photos?

It is the most public holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc..

These pictures sells well, for example a Christmas make up 1,5 % of sales during the year and of course their skyrocketing volume increase before Christmas.

Surely you will be successful with seasonal photos: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. These photos will never be lost.

The important is to take the pictures with sensitivity and heart, don’t make it for money because money in this kind of job doesn’t come quickly, but about that next time..

Hope my article has helped you and I will look forward to your feedback on jamesriess11@gmail.com.

Have a nice day James Riess

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Types of best selling images