Hi welcome to Energepic.com!

We are going to introduce you shortly who actually stand behind the whole project and what our goal is. We are two young, creative photographers and designers who aim to improve the photo library to another level. Our priority is to bring high quality photos for your work! Our purpose is not to create database of a millions photos, we want to focus on the really good content that will have few thousands photos, just to avoid lengthy searching the right content that you actually looking for your work and find the best results already in the first pages.

Are you wondering why we offer free photos?

In the beginning when our clients were not big companies, but mainly smaller entrepreneurs, our aim was to find good quality but the cheapest content for their work. This time we used the databanks which offered photos for free or minimal fee. Quality content, which was really free was very few - and that's why we are here today and we do what we do! :)  Every day we add at least 3 new photos, for you to have constantly fresh and renewed material for your creations. To date, we offer over 800+ photos for free! It is wonderful to see how you use a pictures, so we would be grateful to you for sending your work to contact@energepic.com or indicate us on social networks #energepic.

Can I get assurance that the photos are and will be for free?

One of the things that we feared upon downloading pics for free, was the true 'free life'. We did not know whether the server will be running even half a year or a year and if someone will claim a bold reward for used photo. That's why we have created - the Certificate of free photo download, which you guarantee it forever. All photos are exempt from copyright under the license the Creative Commons CCO, and you can download them, modify and distribute royalty-free, even for commercial use.

The only thing that is forbidden is the re-sale of the photos on the servers for this purpose. More in FAQ.

We belive that you will utilize our free stock photos with love, as it's made - to the people from the people - as you can see on our blog. At this point we give you insight into our privacy. There we share photos and videos from behind the scenes to show you how each picture arise before you can download it. 

Stay tuned!

James Riess

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