How much do you charge per photo?
The pics are absolutely free of charge. 

Can I use the photos for the commercial use?
Yes, absolutely you can. All the pics are free of charge to download. 

Can I use/share the photos in my PSD/HTML files?
Yes, you can.

Can I resell the pics further, for example to the photobanks?
No, you can't because our photos are free of charge. 

Do you have the rights to publish the pics of your photographers?
Yes, we have all the rights to publish photo of their production for you free to download. 

Can I put your pics on my website to download for free?
Yes you can, only, if you reference our website, with the link where to download the pics. Downloading of our photos from your website is not prohibited. 

Can I mention that the used photos are from your website in my article/presentation?
Yes, of course you can, we will be more than happy for publishing. An example - photo by: energepic.com

Can I use your pics for promotional stuff?
Yes, you can.

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