How you can make money by taking pictures, how much money you can earn by cooperation with the photo stock and roughly income payoff of portfolio of 1000 pictures?

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Photos can earn in many ways, the most effective is to create your own portfolio and then you canshare it with stock photos. Taking pictures for photo stock and creating your own portfolio may be a sideline or even full time job. A lot of people call it earning without any work, take a picture of....

Types of best selling images

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What kind of photos are the best sellers? This question asks almost everyone who wants or already sells photos into stock photos... What to do to make my photos sold well?

At first point is important to be original and make pictures which not everyone has. What does it mean? Does anybody of your family have a surgery or anything similar where usual photographer can’t get? In that case you have an advantage but that’s not all.


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Find high quality picture without paying and don’t break any licences could be a difficult job. We therefore made a list of online resources that offer high quality images for free to download...

We have exclusively profesional high quality photos iPhone 7

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We are pleased to announce that we have become the first owners of the iPhone 7. Exclusively we upload profesional pictures iPhone 7 for you! We added first photo iPhone 7 from unboxing ...

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